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Defender'sQuest (big)demo Defender'sQuest (big)demo

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

DEMO version.

The game is actually a 10, as others have said, buy it. You won't be dissapointed. The DEMO, however, only gets a 9 because I'm fairly sure it's impossible to get the medal for killing perfect Ozimal, (As well as all blue and all gold star medals).

As I said, I bought the game, and I'm rollin' a lvl 13 hero, lvl 14 berserkers with +24 swords, a Knight, blah blah, and I can down the armored skels + slugs, but Closest I got to offing perfect Ozimal was 100k hp... (Dark yellow) and that's after using about a hundred max lightning bolts... No idea how you're supposed to accomplish downing him at full on the demo...

Hands of War TD Hands of War TD

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One gripe.

It seems that it's much more effective to just build a new tower rather than upgrade an existing one. Through the whole game I just build a veriety of towers in one cluster with the power totem in the center and just moved my hero via teleport further back if any broke through. It makes frenzy much more effective to do this too. I never used the heros ice/slow ability, and RARELY used the meteor rain as it wasn't cost effective. The only units it seems worth upgrading is the power totem (To increase unit damage) and the merchant building (To gain money after each round) and only the latter if you do it very early.

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Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's a good game, I beat it on normal. Few things:
1. I'm a little upset that my net was disconnected at one point in the begining, and although I earned NG medals, they didn't take, and there is no way to "Re-claim" them. It would be nice if the "Challanges" page was set up to include achievements and later you could click them to obtain medals you've already earned but perhaps didn't take.

2. Another issue I have is that sometimes, the game would lag and my character would perform an action much too long, This translates to me changing my angle of aim to down a mob, for example with seconds of delay. This got me killed a few times.
(If you'd like, pm me and I'll send you my specs/browser)

3. The weapons as well as the weapon system were a huge let down. The minigun kinda... well... sucked. It wasn't that hard to obtain it, and it wasn't at all worth the effort. It seems to me that the standard weapon (Assult riffle) was just fine the whole game. If anything, I'd say the smg (Second weapon) was the best in game weapon, and it was only slightly better than the assult riffle. The only point I see in even buying any other weapon is as a back up plan in case you run out of ammo, which is so plentiful anyway that it's hardly an issue. The whole game I ran out of ammo one time with the assult riffle, and I simply switched to the smg for roughly 3 rooms until I found more. I admit, I did use the rpg on the two bosses on the final stage, but even then, it was very annoying to switch back and forth between that and the smg EVERY shot to down any mini mobs that got past the blast radius, and there was always at least one every time.

The game all in all was fun, but to re-cap I am a little butt hurt I wasn't awarded with the medals I've earned. The lag issue is frustrating, and buying weapons is near pointless since the assult riffle and the smg (The first one you can buy) are pretty much the best pair anyway.

I don't think the game is "Too hard" as others may have said. I played it on normal and yes I lost a life or two but never all of them. I think that's as it should be. It's a little frustrating when you hack the turrets and they sometimes hit you trying to fire at an enemy, and those small mobs seem to be too fast for the turrets if you move as well, and sometimes it seems the AI has troubles getting through doorways, but the AI doesn't seem to terrible. In fact, it's a lot better than similar flash games in this style. It's a good game, just add a set of buttons so players can re-claim medals that didn't take, and perhaps tweak the gun system, maybe even add more weapons (Hopefully the final one can be better than the minigun which is a huge dissapointment) and this could be a great game.

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Orbits Orbits

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The games great, smooth and well polished. I fear your score will suffer for the level of difficulty over control, but that's obviously part of the game. *Also, for those trying to perfect level 1 and get used to the game, you don't have to watch the tutorial every time, there's a skip button*

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AndyBrown responds:

Thank you for your review! And I would have to agree, the difficulty of the control can be a bit much for some people.. but hopefully enough people will like it anyways.

Earn to Die Earn to Die

Rated 5 / 5 stars

26 days?

How the hell do you accomplish that? I'm 26 days in and only have like 175 ft

Bullet Audyssey Bullet Audyssey

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Bullet Audyssey

Not my game, but that doesn't mean it isn't good.
I found it particularly difficult, but it's a Bullet Hell style game and they SHOULD be. I think it had a fresh clean look, and brought a refreshing twist to a semi-dried genre.
I'll give it a 9/10, and the only thing I think it really lacks is difficulty modes. The average flash gamer can't keep up with the standard difficulty here and it's a shame that they can't fully enjoy it. I perfected the first four stages but couldn't hold my own after that. Perhaps an easy mode could ease me into the game as well as others.

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Doodle Devil Doodle Devil

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Copied from a guy

Who copied from some d00d
Who copyed from a guy
who copyd from a guy
And copyed from another guy
and copyed off the interwebs :33

Woman + Man = Sex + Life
Sin + Sex = Lust
Darkness + Beast = Demon
Demon + Order = Copyright
Human + Knowledge = Book
Beast + Water = Fish
Fire + Beast = Ash
Fire + Human = Corpse + Suffering
Life + Zombie = Zombie
Demon + Human = Soul + Corpse
Soul + Light = Heaven
Sin + Soul = Inferno
Soul + Demon = Money
Sin + Money = Greed + Theft
Apple + Earth = Seeds
Human + Beast = Werewolf
Human + Human/Man + Man = Friendship
Fire + Water = Steam
Air Fire = Energy
Earth Fire = Lava
Inferno + Air = Sulfur
Earth + Seeds = Tree + Mushroom + Grass
Fire + Tree = Ash
Fire + Soul = Inferno
Life + Earth = Worm
Energy + Darkness =Death
Death + Corpse = Zombie
Demon + Energy = Magic
Lava + Air = Stone
Stone + Fire = Metal
Energy+ Metal = Electricity
Seeds + Energy = Coffee
Human + Copyright = Lawyer
Werewolf + Human = Werewolf + Werewolf
Magic + Human = Worm
Woman + Magic = Witch
Witch + Human = Diseases
Grass + Fire = Tobacco
Human + Metal = Weapon
Sin + Greed = Envy
Human + Weapon = Blood
Blood + Human = Vampire
Demon + Water Cthulhu
Human + Tree = Food
Sin + Food = Gutton
Sin + Weapon = Wrath
Human + Money = Work
Sin + Corpse = Murder
Corpse + Electricity = Frakenstein
Human + Murder = Corpse + Inferno
Human + Greed = Gambling
Water + Sulfur = Acid
Acid + Human = Sufferring
Earth + Knowledge = Oil
Beast + Diseases = Rat
Rat + Air = Dove
Magic + Stone = Egg
Egg + Worm = Snakes
Light + Life = Angel
Human + Angel = Prayer
Man + Prayer = Heavens + Religions
Electrcity + Air = Radio Wave
Magic + Egg = Dragon
Snake + Beast = Hyrda
Sin + Religion = Heresy
Heresy + Religion = Sect
Sin + Sin = Pride
Sin + Work = Sloth
Heresy + Human = Psychology + Atheism
Human + Pride = Politican
Politician + Pride = War
(I see what you did thar :D)
Human + Stone = House
Metal + Work = Mechanism
Sex + Mechanism = Censored
Oil + Acid = TNT
TNT + Metal = Bomb
Bomb + Mushroom = Nuclear Bomb
Mechanism + Oil = Car
Demon + Mechanism = TV
TV + Book = Computer
Computer + Computer = Internet
Mechanism + Computer = Robot
Life + Computer = AI
Radio Wave + Computer = Cellphone
AI + Robot = Cyborg
Weapon + Beast = Food + Blood
Weapon + Snake = Poison.

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Gyossait Gyossait

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


This game is terrible. The controls are either god awful, or the character is just lazy and can't walk more than three steps without stopping and needing to jump again. Some of the text is hard to read, and apparently your a god who created this world, a vast planet filled with biomass and geography, and capable of greater emotions such as love, but even though water is one of those very things you created, you never learned how to swim.

Alienocalypse Alienocalypse

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This game is very addictive. So addictive that in fact, after you've grown extremely bored from the repeatitive music and game play, you MUST continue until you beat it.

NOTE: This game was super easy until I hit level 12. Seems no matter what I do I can't beat it. Everyone is saying it's a breeze, and normally I'm amazing at this type of game. can anyone help me with a strategy?

Pokemon Tower Defense Pokemon Tower Defense

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love the game, think it could actually go to hand-held. I don't get why people have pikachu's? I've done viridian forest like 40 times and the pikachu's health never goes red. I've caught every other catchable poke'mon...